Talawat Saif Bhatti & Saad Ammad & Saad Prize for Co-Host
Female Poetry Comp. Naat ( Osama Mjadadi) HAMAD  ( Rabeeka) GTV Team
Male Poetry Comp. Comedian ( Mota jee & Rafi Dear) Most Tanned of the Hall CEO Giving prize
Fighter Female Comp. Couple Understanding Gulfam ( Young Beetle) Basharat Hussain
Singer Saif Bhatti asking Hall Question Female Singing Comp. Guests
Schools Quiz Mehndi Competition Baloon Comp. Guests
Boys Modeling Comp. Mehndi Competition Counting Comp. Singing Comp.
Painting Competition Gold Prize on Tahajjad Prayer Winner Male Singer Guests
Rashid Sohail ( Young Beetle) Fattest of the Hall Tallest in the Hall Mehndi Competition
Guests Most Colorful Dress Green Chills Eating Comp. Singing Comp.
Banana Eating Comp. Saif Bhatti & Saad Kid of the Hall Counting Comp.





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